About Us

As parents it's our core responsibility to make sure our kids see more sunshine than screentime, more social interaction than social media, and more exercise than inactivity. However, making sure this happens is getting more difficult everyday as we live in a world full of distractions, littered with screens, apps, social media and technology that only seems to be increasing over time.    

Luckily, there is an answer, skateboarding.

Skateboarding culture has always been about fun, activity, challenges and frankly, is just cool. I mean, let's be honest, has anyone seen a kid on a skateboard and didn’t think that kid was cool!?

Unfortunately, for parents getting your kids started in skateboarding can often feel overwhelming and sometimes scary, which is why we created RudeBoyz.

RudeBoyz helps you as a parent get your young kids started off on the right foot with with our custom skateboards and equipment built with beginner skate children in mind. From the size and weight of the board, to how our wheels on our boards roll, we deliver extremely affordable boards that check all the boxes and ensures your kid will be begging to go outside to skate rather than begging for more screentime. 

Join us to help replace screen time with skate time.